Wednesday, October 8, 2008

We recently celebrated our 2nd anniversary. 2 years has flown by. We have actually been together for 13 years this fall...WOW!
On our anniversary we went out for supper and the weather was exactly the same as it was the day we married. It was a bit cool but sunny and beautiful. Most important it wasn't raining.
Our daughters are doing very well. Kylee is in grade 3 now. She is doing great with her hand writing and she is now reading novels. Kadence has been going to daycare 1 day a week...unfortunately she does not like it there. I hope she will adjust to it end begin to enjoy it more.
Kevin is more or less done with combining for this fall. What is left is very moist and there is only more rain coming now. But as we all always have something to do. I start a new job at the Riverton High School on Tuesday. I must love a challenge to do this. I am praying that I like it...I have to admit I gave up a job I really like. Working at Quarry Physiotherapy was a great experience for me. Taking this new job is better for me financially and the hours are good for the kids. It will be fabulous to have summers off with the kids. I look forward to starting my new adventure, working full time, on Tuesday.
Well, thats all for now. I am reading a very good book about a girl my age trying to find her future husband. The poor girl is having to date some real "losers" in order to find him. My book is calling my name therefore I am going to bed to read.
April out!