Monday, July 21, 2008

Our summer

The weather this summer hasn't been great...but we try to make the best of it. We have been trying to get as much camping in as we can. Gone to Hnausa a few times and went on our annual trip to Lilac Resort Kylee completed her level 2 in swimming. She had lessons at Hubners all last week. She is a very good little swimmer...loves to be in the deep end, which maybe makes momma a little nervous. Both girls have got to go spend a little time with Aunty Jodene in the city. She keeps them busy and spoils them at the same time. Kylee is at an age now where she loves to shop.
Today is my 29th birthday. Not too much planned. Kevin justed phoned me at work and asked me on a date. We are going out for Chinese tonight. And we'll see what the evening brings...maybe a baby!!!
Thats all for now....April OUT!