Tuesday, October 21, 2008

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My New Job

Well, the new job that I was so excited about...turned sour. I went in on my very first day and by lunch time I knew it wasn't the thing for me. I texted Kevin at lunch time and it simply said "shoot me". That was on Tuesday. On Wednesday I went grocery shopping after work and all I could think was "what have I done?" I left a job that I really liked at Physiotherapy and got myself into something that I obviously do not enjoy. One thing I believe in life is to never give up until you have given something a fair chance. So I tryed to be positive and give my new job a chance. I then got a phone call from my old boss at physio asking me if I would be interested in coming back. This decision for me was not very hard. Sure I looked forward to summers off and the whole school hours thing...but I was not happy. I talked to my boss more and he wanted to know why I quit in the first place. We negotiated and took my job back and more exciting got a raise. I am now back at physio and am so thankful for the second chance...we all know once you leave there is no coming back. I now appreciate my job more than before and am so happy to be back.
I think I choose not to blog about what I did not like about the school. I certainly do not want to offend anybody that may work there, or go to school there. It was just not for me and it's only fair that someone else can have the position. They may love it.
Well, time to clean the house....again! My Kadence is soooo messy. As long as she having fun making the mess...and she's happy...I guess I'll clean up her mess. I've tried to get her to clean it up herself...but she makes more of a mess cleaning...and stuff goes missing.
April Out!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

We recently celebrated our 2nd anniversary. 2 years has flown by. We have actually been together for 13 years this fall...WOW!
On our anniversary we went out for supper and the weather was exactly the same as it was the day we married. It was a bit cool but sunny and beautiful. Most important it wasn't raining.
Our daughters are doing very well. Kylee is in grade 3 now. She is doing great with her hand writing and she is now reading novels. Kadence has been going to daycare 1 day a week...unfortunately she does not like it there. I hope she will adjust to it end begin to enjoy it more.
Kevin is more or less done with combining for this fall. What is left is very moist and there is only more rain coming now. But as we all always have something to do. I start a new job at the Riverton High School on Tuesday. I must love a challenge to do this. I am praying that I like it...I have to admit I gave up a job I really like. Working at Quarry Physiotherapy was a great experience for me. Taking this new job is better for me financially and the hours are good for the kids. It will be fabulous to have summers off with the kids. I look forward to starting my new adventure, working full time, on Tuesday.
Well, thats all for now. I am reading a very good book about a girl my age trying to find her future husband. The poor girl is having to date some real "losers" in order to find him. My book is calling my name therefore I am going to bed to read.
April out!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Hello Again,
Summer is over...kapoot...done deal. Don't get me wrong...I love this time of the year. I think Vigfusson farmers are almost done so long. Hopefully they will get some more combining done this weekend. They started last Friday and then had a major break down. CRAPPY!
Kylee is enjoying grade 3. In her life right now she can't decide if she wants to figure skate or take tap dancing. I don't think both is an option because every evening would be full. It is nice to be at home once in a while too. She should be starting her piano lessons again. She is trying to talk her way out of piano this year but I think we have to put the foot down and make her do it. She wanted to play piano so bad last year and we went out and bought this humungo keyboard that we really don't have room she has to make use of it.
Kadence is doing her little thing as usual. She loves to play barbies and polly p's. She is also a huge fan of the Wii. This was another recent Vigfusson purchase. I have to say it gets a bit pricey once you have all the games and nic nacs you need. It is also worth every penny spent. Our family has so much fun with it. We have spend hours playing this thing. I usually dont like video games other than Guitar hero.
Well, this time I am actually boring myself writing best I stop. O yeah, one more thing....90210 ROCKS! If you haven't already tuned in to this wonderful show it is on Tuesday nights.
Chow....................................................................................April Out!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Our summer

The weather this summer hasn't been great...but we try to make the best of it. We have been trying to get as much camping in as we can. Gone to Hnausa a few times and went on our annual trip to Lilac Resort Kylee completed her level 2 in swimming. She had lessons at Hubners all last week. She is a very good little swimmer...loves to be in the deep end, which maybe makes momma a little nervous. Both girls have got to go spend a little time with Aunty Jodene in the city. She keeps them busy and spoils them at the same time. Kylee is at an age now where she loves to shop.
Today is my 29th birthday. Not too much planned. Kevin justed phoned me at work and asked me on a date. We are going out for Chinese tonight. And we'll see what the evening brings...maybe a baby!!!
Thats all for now....April OUT!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

I am sitting at Kyla's in Gimli...waiting for Kevin to come pick us up. Kylee was dancing in the festival today and did an awesome job. Her tap dance group ("Rivertap") was there as well...they were so cute. I guess I should visit with Kyla...the kids are going outside and we are going to make out...jk..that's not how the Vigfusson's roll. Later!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

my second entry

Kevin had his hockey pool at our place last night and I am soooo tired.....yawn :(
I'm still trying to get used to this blogging thing. Don't want to sound like I'm rambling. Both the girls are doing good. Kylee wasn't enjoying piano lessons very much...but is progressing well and enjoying it more now. Kevin's cows are still calfing. I don't even know how many are left but it is getting closer to the end.
I took Kadence to the pediatrician last week and now he wants her to go for allergy testing because her little nose seems to be blocked all the time. He also thinks she could be anemic as she seems tired and looks pale and drained alot. I guess we just wait and see what the bloodwork says. I must mention that she was very brave and didn't shed a tear during the blood test.
Well, I suppose I should probably explore and find something productive to do. Chow until next time!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

So this is blogging life...WOW

My first entry....hmmm...what to put. I am at work right now. Probably should be working but thought I'd try this blogging thing out. I think it was Andie B who got me interested. Kylee is at school and Kadence is at Daycare. Kevin is at work on the farm because there is approximately 280 cows due to have babies now. For the next 2 months we have no life. So my appoligies if my blogging stinks.