Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My New Job

Well, the new job that I was so excited about...turned sour. I went in on my very first day and by lunch time I knew it wasn't the thing for me. I texted Kevin at lunch time and it simply said "shoot me". That was on Tuesday. On Wednesday I went grocery shopping after work and all I could think was "what have I done?" I left a job that I really liked at Physiotherapy and got myself into something that I obviously do not enjoy. One thing I believe in life is to never give up until you have given something a fair chance. So I tryed to be positive and give my new job a chance. I then got a phone call from my old boss at physio asking me if I would be interested in coming back. This decision for me was not very hard. Sure I looked forward to summers off and the whole school hours thing...but I was not happy. I talked to my boss more and he wanted to know why I quit in the first place. We negotiated and took my job back and more exciting got a raise. I am now back at physio and am so thankful for the second chance...we all know once you leave there is no coming back. I now appreciate my job more than before and am so happy to be back.
I think I choose not to blog about what I did not like about the school. I certainly do not want to offend anybody that may work there, or go to school there. It was just not for me and it's only fair that someone else can have the position. They may love it.
Well, time to clean the house....again! My Kadence is soooo messy. As long as she having fun making the mess...and she's happy...I guess I'll clean up her mess. I've tried to get her to clean it up herself...but she makes more of a mess cleaning...and stuff goes missing.
April Out!


Lindsey Dueck said...

you went back to your old job! It is best to be someplace you like I say! congrats on the raise!